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nanotechnology –renewable raw materials - polymers - products


Our NEMO network - promoted by the BMWi - "Nano-NaRo-Polymer-Products" unites companies and institutions from the areas of:

  • plastic processing (extrusion blow molding and injection molding)
  • biopolymer production and biopolymer finishing,
  • granulate material developments,
  • special mechanical engineering,
  • nano-scaled coatings and surface refinement
  • special recycling procedures,
  • measuring and regulating technique

as well as private and public institutions for research and development

Our aim is to link the opportunities of nanotechnology with the use of renewable raw materials in practice for the development of new polymer products.

Our major activity areas are:

  • the production and development of special compounds for extrusion blow molding and injection molding
  • nano-scaled coatings with improved qualities (mechanical properties, higher barrier effects, antimicrobial properties)

for the use in automotive engineering and medical engineering.

Our activity area also encloses: extrusion blow molding, injection molding, packaging, food grade packaging, compounding and recycling as development of measurement and control devices.