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about the NEMO-Program

At the 27th of February in 2002 the Ministry of Economy and Labour of the Federal Re- public of Germany started the development competition "Netzwerkmanagement-Ost (NEMO)" -networkmanagement-east. The intention of this Government's initiative was supporting the forming of networks between small and middle-class companies and also economically oriented research institutes.
These networks made it possible for
east-german companies as well as for research institutes to exchange their experiences and informations within the co-operation. So the companies could stand on a broader basis to enter new markets commonly.
For a co-ordinated work the companies or research institutes are free to take on an external network-manager for co -ordinating, management and infra- structural services, who gets compensation for his work by the initiative. The support of the government hereby includes the innovation process from research and development of new products up to the marketing of these products. NEMO contributes to this co-operation development by the program for co-operation and innovation.
NEMO – now open to all german companies - has become an extraordinarily efficient development program which is shown by the great number of successful working NEMO- Networks and the continuation of the network-program under the new promotional program

For detailed information regarding the NEMO program please see the homepage of the Ministry of Economy of the Federal Republic of Germany and AiF Berlin.